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Each library has its own particular requirements for the images you submit to them.  Read each one carefully as this can cause your images to be rejected if you don’t follow their instructions.  Here are a few tips:

  • View each image at 100% and inspect it very closely.  Remove every speck of sensor dirt and any dead pixels
  • Can you see any logos? If you can, clone it out
  • Add EXIF data to each image.  Open your image in Photoshop, then go to File>File Info.  This is where you add the title of the image, a longer description, keywords and your copyright information.
  • Keyword your image.  Think about the words that you think people may use when searching the library to find your image.  Start by using words to describe the image: single, tree, landscape, countryside, winter, Scotland, UK then get a little imaginative; cold, stark.  But don’t spam your keywords as this will result in your image being rejected. Be descriptive, but truthful.
  • Once uploaded some libraries have another page where you have to select the categories the image fits into.  Once you are familiar with each libraries submission page, you’ll breeze through it, just take your time in the beginning.