Sell your Photos

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So you’ve got loads of  great photos that you think you should be able to sell and make some money from. But where do I start I hear you cry? One option is to sell your images through stock libraries or image libraries.  Well you don’t actually sell them to the libraries, you submit them and if […]

Image Licences

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When deciding to sell your images, you need to decide which licence type you wish to sell them under.  You cannot sell your images as royalty free with one library and exclusive with another. Royalty Free This licence allows the customer to pay a one-off fee and then they can use the image multiple times […]

Submitting your photos

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Each library has its own particular requirements for the images you submit to them.  Read each one carefully as this can cause your images to be rejected if you don’t follow their instructions.  Here are a few tips: View each image at 100% and inspect it very closely.  Remove every speck of sensor dirt and […]

Exclusive or not?

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Virtually all libraries allow you to choose if you would like to supply your images to them on an exclusive basis.  If you go down the exclusive route it means you cannot sell those image with any other libraries.  If at any point you wish to change from being exclusive you could find that you […]

Payment for your image sales

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So you’ve been selling your images and you’ve reached the threshold for a payout…then what? I would recommend before you get to this point you sort this out.  I would also recommend opening a PayPal account if you haven’t already got one.  It can take a week or so to open an account and complete […]