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So you’ve got loads of  great photos that you think you should be able to sell and make some money from. But where do I start I hear you cry?

One option is to sell your images through stock libraries or image libraries.  Well you don’t actually sell them to the libraries, you submit them and if they accept them and they sell, you earn a commission.

There are lots of libraries out there.  Most operate on what is known in the industry as micro stock.  This means they have millions of images within their library and they sell them quite cheaply.  You might earn as little as US $0.20 per sale.  I know it doesn’t sound a great deal, but it’s a numbers game.  It you have 10 images out there and you sell 1 a week for $0.20, it will take you quite a while to reach the minimum payout threshold.  However if you have a 1,000 images, you’ll get to that threshold a bit quicker.

I’ve been selling my images for 7 years and have written the following pages to help people who are looking to sell their photos.