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Deborah has just received notification that she has won a national photography competition run by Shorelark.

The image of a silhouetted leopard in a tree taken in Kenya, Africa has won their Planet to Save photography competition. Deborah has chosen Born Free Kenya to receive a £1,000 charity donation which forms part of the prize.

The story behind the picture:

We were out on our evening safari in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya and received a call to say a leopard had been spotted in a tree. When we got there the leopard was asleep and was barely visible.

The sun was beginning to set and you could just make out its spots. It was still an amazing sight. Then it got up, walked up the branch, turned round, walked down the branch and then sat there. This is one of a series of pictures that I took in that very short period of time.

Leopard silhouette in a tree, Kenya

Leopard silhouette in a tree, Samburu National Park, Kenya